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InMateriis at #CampusPartyMX7!

agosto 1, 2017 Daniela Sandoval

The Jalisco Campus Party is a yearly event, with the purpose of gathering the technological talent and entrepreneurship in the country through workshops, stage events and more the 700 hours of content with over 20,000 “campuseros”—the nickname for those that attend to the event.

It was in June 30th that the team of @inMateriis arrived with great excitement at #CampusPartyMX7 with the idea of doing a giveaway for all those who were interested.

In July 1st , with the hashtag “campuseros”, they drew attention from the members of said convention through Twitter for the giveaway of the book “Python for Scientists”.

La manufactura aditiva (Impresión 3D)

mayo 18, 2015

¿Qué es la manufactura aditiva? La manufactura aditiva es una técnica de fabricación que se pueden obtener a partir de un archivo digital. Se le llama aditiva ya que la tecnología consiste en agregar material poco a poco, capa por capa, hasta construir un objeto de tres dimensiones, como se muestra en el video arriba […]

Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

mayo 18, 2015

What is Additive Manufacturing? Additive manufacturing is a technique where an object can be created from a digital file. It is called additive manufacturing because the technology involves gradually adding material layer by layer until the desired three-dimensional object is created. This technology is also known as 3D printing as it resembles the well-known process […]

Most common Materials used in 3D Printing

mayo 28, 2015

The use of eco-friendly materials which are the ones that strive to reduce the manufacturing carbon footprint and reduce the subsequent effect on the environment such as is the case of recyclable and biodegradable materials is still one of the biggest challenges in materials science today. Moreover, materials scientists are also looking out to reduce […]

Inglaterra en InMateriis

agosto 1, 2017

Desde septiembre, con pauses entre ese tiempo, se han escuchado los claros acentos británicos en las oficinas de inMateriis de los dos nuevos integrantes al equipo: Alan Joseph Parish y George James Brodie, llegados directo desde la Gran Bretaña. George es proveniente de Londres–aunque haya crecido a las afueras de la ciudad. Consiguió su licenciatura […]