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InMateriis at #CampusPartyMX7!

Daniela Sandoval

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The Jalisco Campus Party is a yearly event, with the purpose of gathering the technological talent and entrepreneurship in the country through workshops, stage events and more the 700 hours of content with over 20,000 “campuseros”—the nickname for those that attend to the event. It was in June 30th that the team of @inMateriis arrived […]

Most common Materials used in 3D Printing

Inés Jiménez

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The use of eco-friendly materials which are the ones that strive to reduce the manufacturing carbon footprint and reduce the subsequent effect on the environment such as is the case of recyclable and biodegradable materials is still one of the biggest challenges in materials science today. Moreover, materials scientists are also looking out to reduce […]

Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

Inés Jiménez

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What is Additive Manufacturing? Additive manufacturing is a technique where an object can be created from a digital file. It is called additive manufacturing because the technology involves gradually adding material layer by layer until the desired three-dimensional object is created. This technology is also known as 3D printing as it resembles the well-known process […]

Materials science

Inés Jiménez

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What is Materials Science? Materials science is the branch of science that studies how things are made and how and why they work. Have you ever thought that everything that is around us is actually an item? From the metal of our currencies to the skin covering our body, everything is made of something. Scientists […]